My name is Samia Khalid. I am a Software Engineer, a Machine Learning enthusiast, a firm believer in continuous learning, growth mindset and in helping others. And I work at Microsoft.



Why this blog?

Many of my friends and colleagues are trying to learn Machine Learning or are planning to start doing so. What I have observed from the challenges faced by them is that there are so many great resources out there but, most of the time, their explanations tend to be too academic/theoretical, which can be intimidating for starters. So I asked myself, “What am I doing to help out?” To this end, I decided to start a blog, but a not so usual onea practical and ‘inspire to make a difference’ blog!

  • The practical part: Via this blog, I want to share what I learn and what I have learnt so far. My goal is to write about Machine Learning and Deep Learning in an easy to understand way with practical end-to-end examples using interesting datasets – not text book style examples or partial code snippets. Basically, I want you to save time in figuring out things where I have already spent hours. Last but not the least, as the famous saying goes: “The best way to learn is to teach”.
  • The ‘inspiring part’: Machine Learning can be applied to solve so many real world problems; it can be used as a tool that can help changing lives in a positive way. And my hope is to become good enough to be able to solve a problem that can make a real difference. With this blog, I also hope to empower or inspire others to make a difference, so I will be writing about inspiring latest developments/use cases from the ML world.

Disclaimer: I am not claiming to be any top-notch expert in the field. I am just someone on a life-long learning journey. My intention is to help you by sharing knowledge and to learn along the way.

Thank you!

You can reach me on LinkedIn or contact me via email at towardsml@gmail.com